Location: ZOOM
Date: 2020-10-02 , 11.30 - 12.00
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Following the creation of a successful support group during lockdown, Matthew Audley from Place2Be is back with a new programme, HeadSpace2Think. You can meet Matthew and find out more about it at this free introductory session. The once monthly online sessions in the programme will be available for a closed, consistent group of up to 8 Heads. There will be a total of 6 sessions held on the first Friday of the month at a time negotiated with participants HeadSpace2Think offers head teachers a confidential forum to process and reflect on the emotional/psychological component of their role in relation to the day-to-day and systemic functioning of their school: This work typically might involve an exploration of: Staff team dynamics and their impact - what is obvious, what is below the surface - and the part this plays in staff well-being. Mental health themes prevalent both historically and currently within the community, how they manifest in the school context and the impact they have on children, parents and staff. Understanding what lies "behind" children's behaviour, and in parallel staff attitudes and management of this behaviour. The impact of working with children (and families) with mental health needs and what this teaches us about support systems within and beyond the school. The psychological impact of external pressures and directives such as Ofsted inspections The focus in this work is not so much to seek solutions or strategies (though they might emerge through the collaborative discussion) as to reflect on both participants' observations and experience as head teachers and to support their functioning and capacity in role. About Matthew Audley Matthew joined Place2Be at its inception in 1993, working across the years in clinical, managerial, training and developmental roles. More recently he has worked as national lead on the development of training and consultation packages for community and education professionals, including Place2Be's flagship 'Mental Health Champions' programmes. As Lead Trainer, he has UK-wide responsibility for the quality assurance of training delivery. He currently leads on the design, delivery and supervision of Place2Be’s cutting-edge Place2Think service - reflective practice (supervisory) programmes for school-based staff. He has a Masters in ‘Consulting and Leading in Organisations: Psychodynamic and Systemic Approaches’ through the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust. He is also a UKCP registered psychotherapist and supervisor, as well as CBT therapist, qualified through UCL/KCL, with 25 plus years’ clinical experience working with children, adults and couples. Formerly a performance poet and improvisational performer (with an MA in Performance Arts) Matthew worked extensively as a group facilitator using drama with vulnerable groups such as prisoners, the elderly and homeless people. He is also trained in Incredible Years and EPEC (Empowering Parents Empowering Communities) Parenting Programmes. Matthew has a real passion for enhancing the mental health understanding and practise of education and community-based professionals.

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