DR LYNNE BIANCHI - Influencing Access and Success in Science Education
Location: Zoom
Date: Thursday, 1st Feb 2024, 16:00 - 17:00
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We are very pleased to announced that Dr Lynne Bianchi will be returning early next year to give an online presentation especially for Fellowship members. The Science & Engineering Education Research and Innovation Hub have long standing experience in designing impactful national campaigns that are inclusive, non-competitive and collaborative. In this session we will question the benefit of school engagement in campaigns and the pedagogies inherent with them. In particular it will focus in particular on the www.greatscienceshare.org and www.engineeringeducates.org Dr Lynne Bianchi is the Director of the Science & Engineering Education Research and Innovation Hub and a Senior Lecturer at The University of Manchester. She is a long-established collaborator with the Comino Foundation who share her passion for enhancing the life chances and opportunities of young people through STEM education.

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