Decade of Transition
Date 09 Sep - 8:58 am

Our Director, Malcolm Groves will be chairing an online discussion on transforming education for the 21st century between Charles Fadel from the Centre for Curriculum Redesign in the States, Steve Besley, Head of Policy at Pearson, and academic Dr Philippa Ward. He will also be talk about SoTo and his book Flipping Schools!

This is part of the Annual Event of The Leaders Institute, called “Decade of Transition for a Different Future”. Other themes include transforming the workplace, moving to a participatory deliberative democracy, transitioning to a net-zero economy and building a caring post-Covid society. Speakers include Will Hutton, Baroness Helena Kennedy, Welsh politician Jane Davidson, political scientist Professor James Fishkin from Stanford University, among others.

The date is October 15th and the cost £95. The day-long event will be accessible online for ticketholders for six weeks after that date.

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