What we do

Since its launch, Schools of Tomorrow has worked to support a vision of change underpinned by the Four Quadrant Framework with a series of publications, school-based research and a linked programme of activities and events. In 2015 we moved into a new phase of activity, with funding from The Fore Trust, to create a new approach to school improvement, the Schools of Tomorrow Fellowship.

The Schools of Tomorrow Fellowship provides a distinctive opportunity for school-based research and development as well as rigorous critical friendship for schools, school leaders and their stakeholders. It is intended for those who want to pursue a broad and ambitious vision of school quality and purpose, one that ‘redefines outstanding’. You can find out more about it here.

Gauging Success

Gauging Success is our toolkit for Fellowship schools, designed to support self-assessment, reflection and biennial peer review by member schools. Built around the four quadrant framework it encourages schools, with all their stakeholders, to ask powerful questions about how well they are progressing.

Student leadership

The contribution of learners themselves has been a powerful influence in the development of Schools of Tomorrow from its earliest days. All Fellowship schools are encouraged to take seriously the involvement of students in helping to lead school improvement. We strongly encourage members to develop student-led research into how well their school is preparing them to understand and shape their futures, and to look at the potential of Learning Ambassadors, as illustrated in this video.


Our publications are rooted in the direct experience of schools and school leaders, matched to the insights of leading thinkers and researchers in their field.

The set of five Beauchamp Papers are available here for free download and capture the thinking and practice behind the development of the Schools of Tomorrow Four Quadrant Framework.



We work in partnership with many like-minded organisations to pursue common ends together.

Find out about some of our key partners here.