What we do

SINCE ITS LAUNCH, Schools of Tomorrow has worked to support that vision with a series of publications, school based research and a linked programme of activities and events. In 2015 we moved into a new phase of activity, with funding from The Fore Trust and working in partnership with SSAT, ASCL and Momentum World, to create a new approach to quality assurance for Schools of Tomorrow.

As a result we launched the Schools of Tomorrow Fellowship. We believe it is time for schools to assert and use creatively the freedoms they have been given to secure the best future for their students.


Our publications are rooted in the direct experience of schools and school leaders, matched to the insights of leading thinkers and researchers in their field.

The set of five Beauchamp Papers are available here for free download and capture the thinking and practice behind the development of the Schools of Tomorrow Four Quadrant Framework.

From the outset we have recognised the important contribution our pupils can and should make to our work, and we have looked for ways to involve them in some way at every stage.  This has evolved into an approach to student-led research, which is integral to our new Fellowship model of partnership school review.

The pilot for this is described in ‘Shaping our Futures’, which can also be downloaded free.


We work in partnership with many like-minded organisations to pursue common ends together. Find out about some of these here.