The Ambassadors of Tomorrow Programme (AoT) – Shaping a better future through young change-makers

AoT is a transformative programme that creates a new cohort of secondary school students each year, spanning various secondary schools within the UK. These students, known as “Ambassadors”, are carefully chosen by their peers to collaborate in crafting innovative, future-focused initiatives at both the local school and community levels.

The AoT Philosophy


Empowering the next generation to conquer the challenges posed by both education and the ever-changing world.


Inspiring young minds to become powerful voices for positive transformation, kindling a flame within their peers, educational leaders, and communities to embrace social and environmental justice.


Fostering active participation to work towards a just future for all.

A programme designed & led by young people

The concept of AoT was born as a response to the pandemic, and Schools of Tomorrow’s (SoTo) commitment to the vital role of student leadership in school transformation. Megan Thoms, the head of Student Programmes and co-creator of AoT originally engaged with SoTo as a student herself.

SoTo recognises the increasingly fragile world that younger generations are going to inherit, and recognises the urgency to respond differently to these challenges. Our mission is to empower and guide young individuals to become the voices and catalysts of tomorrow, inspiring their schools and commmunities to chart a path towards becoming better ancestors for future generations.

A few word from our Head of student programmes

“SoTo played a pivotal role in my transformation, catalysing my journey from a disengaged student growing up in poverty to a passionate advocate for education. This journey has ignited my deep-seated desire to empower and inspire students to overcome obstacles and reach their full potential.”

Megan Thoms,

Head of Student Programmes and Strategy

These initiatives are designed to contribute to the creation of a more equitable future.

“About being listened to, not just heard”

Year 12, Brimsham Green School

“Being a leader is not something I thought I could do, until now”

Year 9, Falinge Park High School