Bringing compassion to the fore
Date 27 Aug - 7:26 am

Our friends at the Compassionate Education Foundation have sadly decided the time is right to close their charity. They have offered Schools of Tomorrow some of their resources and asked us to continue their mission.

Compassion – for self, for others, for the planet –  is implicit in the values and principles of our work. As we look for ways to build on their legacy, we will also be attempting to give it a more explicit focus.

In the words of the former chair of the Foundation Professor Colin Diamond; “Schools need to offer pupils the chance to learn with and about compassion. What young people learn should include a fascination for the way in which humans have tried to extend their world, sometimes with incredible achievement and sometimes at incredible cost. Our successes are often accompanied by failings and side-effects. We need future generations to strive for accomplishment while at the same time showing humility. Compassion should pervade school life and what we teach our young”.